Gorski Kotar, the Croatian mountain area, has lost 30% of its population in the last 40 years. Due to lack of employment young people are constantly leaving to bigger cities like Zagreb and Rijeka.

Pecisce is a small village near the city of Skrad. In 2013 the last family living there has moved away. Like many other small villages in Gorski kotar, Pecisce has lost all of its inhabitants.

Dalibor Talajic was born in Rijeka, Croatia in 1973; and ‘Mountain Frame’ wasa presented during Slideluck Trieste.


a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

For editing I use Adobe Premiere.

b. How and why did you choose that sound/music?

It is my personal opinion that music in multimedia is an easy-way-out most of the time. So I prefer not to use it unless it really adds something important to the story. Mountain Frame uses the sound of rain that accompanied my stay at the village and the voices of Bozica and Matija. What struck me immediately was the different passing of time in the village. The time is moving painfully slowly compared to the city life I’m used to. To me, the sound of that gray and constant rain symbolized perfectly that, almost desperate nothing-to-do condition.

c. Tell us about the editing process when you think of a multimedia.

I don’t have a fixed editing scenario or rules in the process. On the contrary, I try to approach every project as if it were my first one. Surprise and discovery, combined to the fact that I’m still learning, are the main forces that give me joy in doing multimedia.
Even though multimedia is obviously a moving image, I’m not interested in video. Being a photographer, I am fascinated by that invisible line that divides the still from the moving image, so my editing tries to question and play inside that fleeting area most of the time.

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