On October 28th 1996, when I was eleven, I picked the five winning numbers for the weekly Italian Lotto.

That night I was the one who defined luck for someone.

Does luck exist? Is it a matter of coincidence? Or is it one’s attitude that makes some luckier than others?

The project revolves around the idea of Luck as a discovery throughout the exploration of how luck affects our everyday’s life in many subtle ways.

Emanuele Camerini (b. 1987) is a freelance photographer.

He devotes himself full time to visual storytelling, focusing his attention to social and cultural issues. Beginner’s Luck was presented during Slideluck Rome.


a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

Final Cut Pro X

b. How and why did you choose that sound/music?

When I started conceiving the multimedia, I knew since the beginning that I wanted the sound to be an original one without using music that you could find online, so I asked two friends of mine “Her Bart” (a composer and a musician) to take care of the audio. We met several times to discuss about the project and the idea behind it. We agreed that the music had to be minimal but at the same time it had to back up the pictures, so I sent them the photographs and they worked on the music. Later on, we met to record the sound effects, the voice track and to finalize the whole track.

c. Tell us about the editing process when you think of a multimedia.

The workflow for Beginner’s Luck multimedia has been easier than other multimedia I’ve worked on. It was clear to me that having video elements in the project, such as the videotape of me picking the lottery numbers, the multimedia language would be the easiest way to reach the audience. Moreover the choice to use a voice over was essential to guide the viewer along the structure of the project.

Dealing with such an abstract topic as luck, the narrative structure is very strict and that’s also why I decided to divide the multimedia in several chapters in order to be as clearer as possible: first an introduction with the personal element (me as a kid picking the lottery numbers), a chapter with an investigation of a more commercial and general view on luck, and again a personal take on luck with only natural landscapes and sparkling elements in nature.

What I really like about working with multimedias is that it forces you to deal with several elements in the editing process. It’s not only about the pictures; you have to consider different layers in order to create something consistent that speaks to the audience.

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