‘Ukraina Pasport’ is a journey to a broken country, one longing for the West, yet oozing post-Soviet decadence. 

A place where the echo of a revolution can hardly be heard, the colour of which says absolutely nothing. 

A hard-to-be-located country, still paradoxically a place we recognize as soon as we get there. 

There, there are faces turning towards something which cannot be seen, but which we can sense as a haunting presence. Voluptuous bikini-clad women, cosmonauts, bears and unicorns help build an imaginary world, one brought to life from a child’s dream. 

Nevertheless, all is shrouded in an aura of loss, bitterness and helplessness.

Federico Clavarino is a documentary photographer based in Madrid and Ukraina Passport was presented during Slideluck Bologna.


a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

Final Cut Pro.

b. How and why did you choose that sound/music?

The sound is that of a clock, which suggests the passing of time, but it is not synchronised with the pictures, suggesting a time out of joint, which is one of the themes of the work. The ending is also meant to echo the bitter humor of the project: you listen to the cuckoo clock go off but what you see are petrified birds.

c. Tell us about the editing process when you think of a multimedia.

I do not usually work with multimedia. This work was made for a book, which is its main form. In this slideshow the order of the pictures of the book is slightly subverted, and each photograph is made to dialogue with other two images in a kind of chain.

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