This photo series by Jordan Tiberio explores the degradation of our memories and the fantasies we create about our ex-lovers’ new romance. They represent both the memories we have remembered and the lacuna—a gap—where our mind has forgotten what comes next.

“Your voice was an octave equal to the song of the birds in the early morning, waking up the Earth.  And it was not until I was no longer awoken by it, and I forgot its sweet melody, that I realized heartbreak does indeed fade away.  At some point my memories of you started to become diluted, some of them possibly existing as figments of my own imagination, never having existed in the first place.  And even if I wish not to admit it, I’d fantasize about your next relationship.  What if you loved them more?  What if you forgot about me?”

Lacuna was presented at Slideluck Chicago.

Multimedia Tips

a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

I made the slideshow just by using a PDF. So, I guess Adobe Acrobat was the program.

b. How and why did you choose that sound/music?

I chose to use spoken audio for this piece instead of any music (lyrical or instrumental) because I wanted it to be 100% my work.  I wrote the excerpt and recorded myself reading it aloud.  I feel like it’s a lot more personal that way rather than it being a song one could listen to on the Internet or something.

b. Tell us about the editing process when you think of a multimedia.

Multimedia involves a lot more of a thinking process than editing, say, a still photograph in Photoshop.  You have to think about how much time each slide gets allotted, what kind of transitions/ fades you want, the audio component of it all and if certain images should appear alongside specific points in the piece.  It’s like creating a whole other work of art with the work you already have.

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