Quinn is an evolving project begun in 2014. It is the story of a fictional character, W H Quinn, who is travelling North from the South West of England, in 1946. Quinn is intended to be part novel, part still photographs, part found and made objects, and part film.

Each chapter, be it still image, or object, or prose, can be experienced as a discrete story, to be enjoyed or puzzled over by itself, or as part of a wider narrative.

This multimedia piece is something of a taster of the eventual final work.

Lottie Davies is an English photographer that works on stories and personal histories, the tales and myths we use to structure our lives: memories, life-stories, beliefs.

Multimedia Tips

a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

I used a combination of large and medium format photographic stills, 35mm digital video and recorded sound, combined using Final Cut Pro X

b. How and why did you choose that music?

Much of the sound was recorded at the same time as filming the video, but I’m not very good with sound! I did use a separate microphone, but I have very little experience so it’s often not perfect. I also added particular sounds bought from online sound libraries, such as birdsong and traffic noise. I’m aiming to create a sense of another dimension to the still and moving images, and having sound over an unmoving image gives it a whole different being.

c. Tell us about the editing process when you think of a multimedia. 

Well, for ‘Quinn’ there is a definite narrative and timeline, so it is relatively easy – his journey progresses through the seasons, which is how we’ve been making the work. The tricky bit for me is what to leave in and what to take out, and how the sound will flow alongside the visuals. There will also be some written text in the final exhibition/project and I’m not yet sure how it will be integrated. Sometimes just a very short clip works better than a long one, and at other times, I like the idea of an almost unmoving video, where Quinn slowly appears in front of the viewer, having been walking, and walking, and walking. At first you don’t see him, then you notice a movement, then he comes into view, and then walks on past the camera, not stopping.

The multimedia elements all contribute to that sense of movement and the continuing journey.

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