‘Despite me and you’ is a series of grainy, rough, B&W analog photographs
on the conflict between two people’s intimate universe and the world that surrounds them.

Our fear of loss in alien, potentially catastrophic, environment and the longing for safety and blissfulness can only be found in what we choose to be our shelters.

Pamela Maddaleno is an Italian photographer and ‘Despite me and you’ was presented during Slideluck Naples.


a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

I just used the editing software that I usually work with (cause I am also a film maker). But it is not important the software you use especially in my case, cause my slideshow is really simple and much focused on the power of images and their connections with music.

b. How and why did you choose that sound/music?

The music is composed and performed by my brother Mirko.
When I started to conceive the series (almost 2 years ago) I naturally asked him for a music: he is a very talented composer and I think that listening to his music for years really influenced my imagery and viceversa.
Also, at the beginning of the idea of “Despite me and you” there is this quote by Buckminster Fuller:  “[u]nity is plural and, at minimum, is two.” The duo like the smallest unit possible of human beings. I consider me and my brother like a duo.

I also happen to project my slideshow without his original music during live music performances. I did it especially with a band from Paris called “Oiseaux-tempete”, who are great at improvising and experimenting. It’s quite exciting to let your photos go with an improvised music, you never know where your idea could go, and maybe the musicians feel the same.

c. Tell us about the editing process when you think of a multimedia.

I live in Paris where I co-founded with Léa Neuville a little publishing house called Gazzarra! Before doing the final version of the slideshow, I self-published the book “Despite me and you” with a text written by the scenarist Emiliano Minutelli. I worked so much on the editing and it was so precise for me that I couldn’t change it. I tried to include the text on the slideshow but I coudn’t reproduce the same effect as it is on the book. So I kept the editing based on couples of images (mostly a landscape vs intimacy) and I structured the slideshow on that concept with this very minimalist but powerful music.
I am a video editor so I worked on the edit with a very cinematographic approach. I always have two things in mind: emotions and narration; I like complex emotions and mysterious stories, that’s me. So a good editing, for me, is: you feel something but you don’t understand everything.

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