Rome 2014 – 2016.

For three years I have taken the tram n.3 every day, photographing with an iPhone the human river that flowed on my skin, during my daily rides.  In a stream like that there is no definition or social categories. Everything slips away. Everything is forgotten and becomes rarefied enough to just leave the impression, the face, that takes care to show the essential. That’s all we need to know.

People, such as water, may take the shape of the container. For this reason, sometimes, in certain places, their changes can not be controlled, nor documented. I just wanted to close the gap between me and the others. 

The choice of an iPhone as an instrument was a linguistic choice. A very precious item, which gave me a discretion and a closeness, impossible to have with any other photographic tool. I could never translate into images the thoughts behind my work, with a different camera. This work does not pretend to tell a story. It’s only a trace of everyday life and of the people that we forget every day. A kind of personal diary that reminds me how many times I have been in the eye of another soul, without realizing it.

 Vincenzo Metodo is an Italian photographer, videographer and writer. 3, The Soul Gear was presented during Slideluck Naples.


Multimedia Tips

a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

FinalCut Pro.


b. How and why did you choose that sound/music?

My music research was very long. I was looking for a sound that could best represent what I felt for the three years I worked on this project on public transport in Rome. I needed something thoughtful and powerful at the same time, just as the situations that I experienced day after day in that tram. And then i luckily found these two license-free pieces by Strimmerman and various artists that were perfect for my needs.


c. Tell us about the editing process when you think of a multimedia.

I believe that the best way of practicing any form of art is to mix genres, languages, and instruments. A photo is not just a photo, a multimedia is not just a simple slideshow. For this reason, I believe that only through a continuous experimentation, by combining various artistic languages, you can push the potential of a job at the highest. It’s nice to see how my work simply started with an iPhone and then it’s turned into a multimedia video, full of music, sounds, movement: a different way of telling what was my reality.

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