“This is a sentimental and personal journey… a story of images brought from travels, stored for years as holiday souvenir. Over time, the images disappear and my memory narrows down to just one photo frame, the “postcard from travel” as the title has it.

My journey begins and ends in Silesia, passing by the south of Poland and southern Europe. But the areas explored have extended further, to include trips that never took place, entering the realm of my imagination and dreams; and associating the past with the present…”

Joanna Chudy is a Polish photographer and this project was presented at Slideluck Bologna.

Multimedia Tips

a. What program was used to create the multimedia?

The slideshows was made with Adobe Premiere.

b. How and why did you choose that sound/music?

The music is a part of history, sometimes with my work the dialogs complement with the photos. Even title of music is important in my slideshow.

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