Literary Analysis Essay on Alice in Wonderland Novel

It is no wonder that when the outlandish work done by Lewis Carroll, known as Alice in Wonderland novel, got finally adapted and fit for the big screen. It was Tim Burton that took the filming process to the core. When you throw out that Lewis Carroll crafted the book more than one century ago, Tim Burton was the perfect match for implementing and making a natural and fantastic atmosphere of wonders and miracles depicted within the text. It is even easier to write Alice in Wonderland essay from just watching the film.

For individuals who are very familiar with the filmmaking techniques of Tim Burton and his proficiency in films of the horror genre, then it is hardly close to the possibility of imagining how fun and enjoyable the brand new movie or film is.

Alice in Wonderland analysis essay

To begin with, the plot of the general feeling is different from the one depicted in the book to some great extent. No change is quite notable in Wonderland, and it does not seem to have a lot of changes, but it begins when Alice is already grown up. She got taken care of in the Victorian atmosphere that was full of obedience and duty. Despite all that, Alice tends to struggle in asserting herself as an independent lady with a separate personality. Despite all that, she and the inhabitants of the whole Wonderland tend to believe that she is still the earliest that will come to save them from The Red Queen, who is not only cruel but also ruthless. The reshaping of the screenplay was done ingeniously by none other than Linda Woolverton.

Essay on Alice in Wonderland Movie

A second advantage of the film by Tim Burton is the brilliant but rather witty cast. It has got starlets including Mia Wasikowska, and other already established actors including Johnny Depp who is the Mad Hatter in the film, Helena Bonham Carter, who acts as the ferocious Red Queen, Anne Hathaway that acts like The White Queen and lastly Alan Rickman, who takes the place of the Caterpillar in the movie. You can’t help but wonder how perfect the choice of actors Tim made. Mia Wasikowska performs Alice, who in the film used to be not widely known to the audience. It enables us to perceive the typical character as envisioned by the first of them without having to put any references to some of the previous works of that same actress. In the same breath, celebrities like Helen Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, and Alan Rickman infused the charm of their exquisite personalities to the movie and made it a whole Moon.

Various characters are worth noticing. The Red Queen, the Mad Hatter, and the Caterpillar are the prominent characters in the film. All these characters are charming, and they’re also mad at the same time. Some characters like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum can’t simply get bothered with a lot of nonsense, but it is so evident that others could realize it. The Mad Hatter is concerned whether he has gone mad and asks Alice of the Same. Alice confirms his fear.

The characters are all unique, but they exist around us. Everybody knows the characters, and they are well defined, as Johnny Depp reveals in his interviews. Most people who haven’t gone through the book can understand the feelings and make references even without reading the novel.

People need to pay special attention to the visual landscape that has been outlandishly made in the film. The Adventures of Alice were phenomenally bright because of the special effects available in the modern-day and the fact that there is an innovative technology that even made it much more possible for Tim Burton to experience his full imagination.

There is no other film that resembles Alice in Wonderland in the same way that the book depicted it against other Fairy Tale. It is only safe and fair to say that Tim Burton developed a masterpiece together with his crew. Alice in Wonderland is a contender in cross-category Oscar nominations.

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