How to Write & Edit an Essay About Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was released first as a serial and written by Charles Dickens. Dickens later re-edited entire story, and it underwent publishing as a whole novel back in 1838, months before several readers discovered the conclusion. You will realize that the plot rotates around Oliver, a character and an orphan who doesn’t know his father figure. In the story, he is depicted as a thief helplessly drawn into a world full of wickedness by Fagin, who is a criminal. The letter was a scandalous criminal leading a set of other juvenile cohorts when he wanted us to have a fair stake in this world.

To cut the whole story short, the event from the novel depicts that Oliver got banished from the orphanage that he was brought up in, and you are later forced to live with Fagin to escape starvation. After a robbery went wrong, Oliver gets caught and deserted by his friends and brought forward for a trial of their crimes. That, therefore, lets him to escape the clutches of his friend and finds comfort for the very first moment in his whole life, just enough until Fagin sends Nancy Sykes and Bill to retrieve the character.

Writing an Oliver Twist essay

After sustaining an injury during a second robbery, Oliver met with Rose who was an adopted niece to a wealthy Mrs. Maylie. The other parts of this novel talks about questions on parentage. That got resolved, and Rose got found as the aunt. Oliver is supposed to inherit his father’s riches. He is rewarded, and others get punished for the sins committed.

In Oliver Twist, you can notice some various critical themes or motives. Dickens was able to contrast the predicament of poor people against the rich and their waste. It is the daring act of all you ask to get more, igniting the whole plot. To the eyes of many, he comes out as a hungry boy that goes around asking rich men to feed him but is also accused of tumultuous greed. Dickens managed to expose people with power and exploited the poor but still expects them to be contented with whatever they had. There is a heavy play or a matter of good beating evil across the whole novel. Fagin and Bill Sikes die from their crimes, and Oliver avoids the punishment since he is a truthful character.

Oliver Twist analysis essay

There is more than one literary text in the novel because several occasions have prompted medical and historical study because of so many details. The book comes on the top of best sellers in Britain for one and a half centuries. One main reason it has remained popular is that the writing is available to almost everyone, and there is also several translations. Several re-imaginings and several other means for which the publication has gotten reproduced after the first publication. George Orwell deduced the book’s appeal back in 1939 and said that there was a possibility of Dickens getting read by working individuals and buried people, which is the thing that no other author ever experienced, especially on his stature. The accessibility of Oliver Twist made it a renowned piece in the whole world as classic literature.

Analyzing the novel in your essay

The book also contains the romantic portrayal of various criminals and their lives, and in your Essay about Oliver Twist you should mention that it also exposes the treatment that many orphans first in the mid-nineteenth century. There is a total satire of domestic violence, child labor, street children present, and recruitment of young children to become criminals. There is also a prominent concern of poverty throughout the whole book. The author describes slums that have got houses that are on the verge of tumbling down. It, therefore, makes the encounters of Oliver with love and charity more poignant. He owes his life to kindness. The poverty described in the book also illuminated the middle-class readers and how much the population in London got stricken with the disease and poverty. Even though he has been abused and has faced neglect all his life, he doesn’t believe in victimizing anybody else. It, therefore, makes the whole book a changeling tale.

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